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Cash Gift Forms

Gift/Pledge Transmittal Form (Internal Use Only)

The Gift/Pledge Transmittal Form provides the Broward College Foundation with the information necessary to process a gift/pledge payment, to send an acknowledgment and official IRS receipt to the donor, and to record proper donor recognition credit.

Employee Payroll Deduction Form

The Employee Payroll Deduction Form is used to establish, change, or add employee payroll deductions. Contributions made through payroll deduction are after-tax contributions.  

Non-Cash Gift Forms (Guidelines)

In-kind Gift Transmittal Form

The In-kind Gift Transmittal Form is used only for in-kind gifts to the Broward College Foundation. Use this form for non-cash donations of property, materials, and equipment including software, hardware, vehicles, and collections.
NOTE: the contribution of time or services (even professional services) is not tax deductible.

In-kind Proposal (In-kind gifts of $5,000 or greater)

The In-kind Proposal is used to document use of the item, additional costs incurred, potential liability, conditions imposed by donor, dean’s/campus president’s approval; etc.

IRS Form 8283

In-kind gifts that have a fair market value of $5,000 or greater may require a formal appraisal and submit IRS Form 8283. To receive tax credit, the donor is to file IRS Form 8283.

Advancement Services Staff Only Forms

Scholarship Commitment Form

Scholarship Criteria Addendum Form

Named American Dream Scholarship Commitment Form

American Dream Scholarship Criteria Addendum Form

Fund Criteria Addendum Form

Gift and Pledge Form